Day of Destruction

How a High School Survived an EF4 Tornado


On March 1, 2007, at 1:13 p.m. a massive and deadly  EF4 tornado ripped through the heart of a small southern community, leaving death ans chewed up rubble in her its’ wake. The sights, sounds, smells, and the metallic taste of raw fear were permanently etched into the victims’ minds. The city’s inhabitants would never be the same. This is their story.

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Carol t dean

Carol Trant Dean was born in Dothan, Alabama, and attended the University of Alabama where she obtained her Master of Arts degree in secondary education and French. She then taught students from age 5 to adults.

Next she completed her course work at Troy University half-way between a Master’s and doctoral degree in Counseling and Psychology and became a Licensed Professional Counselor. She was active in her professional associations in both professions, having served as president of the Alabama Mental Health Counselors Association and on the board for the Alabama Play Therapy Association.

As a recent retiree she is enjoying writing, volunteer work, and international travel. She and her husband live on the Eastern Shore of Alabama with their aging rescue dog and love spending time with their grandchildren.

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The Fearless Feminist


“Day of Destruction chronicles one of the worst natural disasters to happen during a school day in U.S. history, leaving eight students dead in its wake. The emotional and physical trauma is still present today, eleven years after the event.”

– Rick Rainer, Principal of EHS during and after the tornado


“Experiences gained from in-depth, personal investments in helping others heal from wounds suffered during severe tragedy are the ones that offer heart-felt testimony. Carol gave of herself daily as she walked a journey of personal loss with us following the tragedy of a deadly tornado that robbed us of precious young lives. She knew the students, she knew us, and she knew our community. I can’t imagine a more inspiring author to gain valuable insight from than Carol.”

– Karen Mills, former counselor at Hillcrest Elementary School which was also damaged by the tornado


“The author offers an up-close account of her experience in counseling students, teachers, and parents during a time of great loss.”

– Oveta Carey, Director of Federal of Federal Programs