About the author

I was born in a relatively small city as the “eldest daughter of the eldest
daughter.” Both my mother and father had grown up in the city with my father
having spent his early childhood on a farm. I have a sister and four cousins who
lived next door to us along with a succession of dogs and an even longer
succession of goldfish. Obviously, we knew nothing about raising the latter. I
attended public school and actually did walk to school the latter part of the
elementary grades.

I was introduced to books by my parents, both of whom were avid bibliophiles.
My mother developed her love of reading as her “old maid aunt” gave her books
on every holiday and had an extensive collection herself. My father turned to
books as an escape from the reality of farming for which he was totally unsuited
and later as a way of educating himself when World War II and the lack of money
stood in the way of furthering his education after high school. So, every time we
went on trips to the nearby beaches and once across the country to visit relatives
in California, we were taken to the area bookstores and allowed to choose our

Additionally, my preferred pastime both in and out of school was to participate in
“make believe” games where my cousins, sister, and sometimes neighborhood
children would act out various stories. In school we called these “skits” as they
were based on topics of study, but at home they were just for fun, occasionally
lasting for several hours. At Christmas, we went all out creating costumes, adding
music and acting in various roles to the annual reading of the Christmas story. I
was writer, director, and leader of our small but powerful choir. Weeks before the
holiday season were spent planning and practicing our presentation.

In high school I added my love of words and different languages by studying
Spanish and French, then majoring in French at the state university. Upon
completion I taught both French and English for 15 years before changing
professions to become a mental health counselor. I would jokingly tell others that
“there was a lot of counseling in teaching French!”

My own two children also enjoyed performing their own skits, writing newspaper
articles as well as illustrating their books. And, yes, I took them to bookstores to
select their favorites as often as we could afford it.

Now I have five adorable grandchildren who all love reading and storytime. And,
yes, you guessed it; their favorite place to visit is a large bookstore!